Imagine that you are on a kayaking trip in an unfamiliar region. It has been pouring all night and in the morning all the rivers in the valley are too high. Your paddling schedule is ruined and you want to find anything worth paddling right here, right now.

Normally you would need a lot of time to browse a map, read guidebooks and blogs, check any online gauges and ask your friends on Facebook. The is an all-in-one mobile app that helps you to make your choice quickly, so you can just go kayaking!


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A video is worth a thousand words, so check out this screencast.

This video shows how you can find and filter river sections, which information you can find in the app and how you can get to the river.


For now we have implemented only the most essential features we believe every kayaker needs. Check out those core features below. There are many cool things we would like to add to our app, like notifications or favourites.


    The Region Map is the best way to explore a new region and plan your kayaking trip. On the map arrows are sections and different colors indicate different water levels. It also contains useful points like wild-camping spots and kayak shops.


    With one tap you get all the essential information about any section - grade, length and current flow. Another tap and the routes to put in or take out are displayed in Google maps.


    Section maps feature detailed river shapes and many point of interest, like portages, major rapids, alternative put ins, etc...

Region Map Region Map 2 Region Map 3
Filters Sections List Sections List

    Only interested in class IV+ runs with waterfalls and no portages? No problem! Filters are here to help with narrowing your choice of section to only those you want to run.


    Find sections by names and browse filtered lists to quickly discover all your options.


    We realize that all you really want to do is to get to the river, so just find the name in the list and tap the navigation button.


    For every section we provide an in-depth description and information table, just like in the good old paper guidebook.


    For every river with an online gauge we provide a water flow or a water level chart.


    We try to provide informative photos and videos, like a photo of the put in, so you can judge the water level even when there is no online gauge.

Section Info Section Guide Flow Chart Media


Currenly we have whitewater river guidebooks for Galicia in Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Siberia in Russia, Meghalaya in India, Canada (Quebec, British Columbia), New Zealand, Laos, South Africa, Norway


Mike Krutyansky

Kayaker with 15 years of experience. Mike is one of the founders and instructors of a Russian whitewater school. He has organised numerous whitewater trips and expeditions to dozens of destinations around the globe. Mike is managing many websites including few whitewater projects.

Konstantin Kuznetsov

Professional software developer with 10+ years of experience. And a kayaker too.